Safe Healthy

Safe Healthy A Gateway to Lesson Plans, Programs and Online Learning Activities for
Physical Education.

P.E. Activities

Dr. Woolard P.E. Activities: Includes lesson plans for the following activities:

Action Figures
Baseball Activities
Basketball Traffic
Bionic Ball
Classic Games
Cone Baseball
Field Day Ideas
Fit for Life Lesson
Fun Push-Ups
Hamburger Haven
Jump into Spelling
Math-Spelling Relay
Meteorite Ball
Muggle Quidditch
Pencil Stand Ups
Rhythm Sticks
Run and Stop
Shaping Up
Space Invaders
Sports Math
Swing and Jump
Team Handball

Ophea Teacher Resource Database

Ophea (Ontario Physical and Health Education Association)
Ophea Teacher Resource Database

Nutrition Cafe

Nutrition Cafe: Where nutrition is fun! Includes three games and nutrition facts and information

No Standing Around in My Gym

If you are looking for fresh ways to teach children ages 4 to 11 basic fitness concepts, movement skills, and games that emphasize creative thinking and cooperation, No Standing Around in My Gym is for you.It’s an incredible source of ideas and solutions to help you
• increase the time students are active in class,
• minimize discipline problems,
• develop healthy attitudes that lead to a lifetime of activity,
• save valuable lesson preparation time, and
• keep students motivated and challenged.

Sports Media

Sports Media: lesson plans, coaching tips and sports from all around the world. Includes huge lesson plan database.

Power to Play!

Power to Play!, a superhero-themed program encouraging healthy eating and physical activity for children.

This program includes 4 grade-specific integrated programs that meet expectations in Health & Physical Education, Language, Mathematics, the Arts, Science &Technology and Social Studies.

Digest Quest

Digest Quest is an information-rich online game that teaches children how the digestive system works. This game is designed for Grade 5 students and comes with additional study materials and teacher support information.

Digest Quest online game: Students love the silly sound effects and catchy graphics which come together to create a fun and engaging learning experience.


Power4Bones is a student-driven program that encourages students to take care of their bones.

This 7-week program consists of a variety of educational activities including interactive Web challenges, a classroom trivia game, and the design of a public service announcement.

Teach Nutrition: Body Image

Teach Nutrition: Body Image introduces children to the issues of health and how they regard themselves. It consists of body image activities that are linked to curriculum as well as background teacher information on body image issues for children. Teachers can download the materials for free.

Bully Free Alberta

Bully Free Alberta
This website helps parents, teens and community members take control of this issue by giving them the tools they need to prevent or intervene in a bullying situation. It is a one-stop resource filled with helpful information about how to deal with bullying. is a fun website where kids can play an online game that teaches them how to handle bullying.

Let's Talk About Bullying

Let's Talk About Bullying: A site just for kids to learn about bullying
Inlcudes interactive, role-playing activities from the point of view of the bully, bully partner, bystander, victim, or intervener.

Out on a Limb

Out on a Limb: A Guide to Getting Along conflict resolution website!
This website is designed to help teach youth how to better manage conflicts and challenges they face on a daily basis. Includes teachers' guide with lesson plans and worksheets

Lungs are For Life

Lungs are For Life - The Canadian Lung Association’s free school program for smoking prevention. It has been developed especially for Ontario teachers and students – from Kindergarten through Grade 12. Free program materials include teaching modules, posters, brochures, and more. Teaching modules vary from 50 to 125 pages and include 3 main sections:
* Sub-Tasks (lessons)
* Appendices (handouts, rubrics, and more)
* Resources (web sites, videos, community resources, etc.)

Ready-To-Use P.E. Activities for Grades K-2

Nutrition Cafe: Where nutrition is fun! Includes three games and nutrition facts and information.

Nutrition & Fitness

Nutrition & Fitness - This site is most appropriate for grades 2 through 4. It includes Food Pyramid puzzles and other information about healthy eating. Includes games and videos.

Physical Education Lesson Plans

Physical Education Lesson Plans: This page is dedicated to providing a space for Physical Educators to share lesson ideas. It includes over 80 physical education lesson plans posted by teachers from across the globe (be sure to scroll down to see the full list).

Health Units

Health Sample Units - This site features the sample units from the Saskatchewan K-5 Health Education Curriculum and with additional resources to support these units.Units include:
- Preventing Infections
- Pedestrian Safety
- Emotional Support
- Nutrition
- Controlling Diseases
- Conflict Resolution
- Self-esteem


It's Up to You! - a Healthy Eating web site designed 7 to 9 year old - from the BBC

Bod Squad from TVOKids

Teach Nutrition: Kids' Corner - Play two interactive games; Digest Quest and Stretch Your Noodle

Nutrition Explorations - nutrition information and interactive activities (Learn about the food guide pyramid and feed the monster!)

Cool Meals - with Food Facts, activities to print out, and a 'Virtual Body Lab'. "This intelligent machine will watch your diet, eat it and rate it! Check out how your diet is affecting your body by taking a spin in the Virtual Body Lab." (You have to register to use the Body Lab, but you do NOT have to enter an email address even though there is a place to do so.)

LifeBytes - Healthy Eating - designed for 11 to 14 year olds

Kids World - Nutrition - from the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Nutrition Cafe "where nutrition education is fun!"

Canada's Food Guide This site presents complete information about the Food Guide and how to use it.

Dole 5 A Day - Nutrition Education This site is sponsored by Dole and their corporate logo is shown on all the pages. There is good information presented and the site is especially appealing to younger children.

Health and Nutrition - This site is most appropriate for grades 2 through 4. It includes Food Pyramid puzzles and other information about healthy eating.